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infin-Payment Coverage

infin-Payment phone places the focus on spontaneous and anonymous online micropayments in the most actively traded countries in Europe, Asia and America. The number of supported countries is continuously being extended.

The addition of infin-Payment Credit Card and infin-Payment Direct Debit ensures any sales can be completed in any country and in any currency.

Top conditions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland >>

infin-Payment Phone can be used for spontaneous and anonymous purchases, up to the value of about 100 EUR with no need to register or provide credit card or bank account details.

infin-Payment in more than 120  countries:




Saudi Arabia 






 Fiji Islands


 Sierra Leone





 Ascension Island















 South Korea




 South Sudan








 Sri Lanka


 Hong Kong
















 Inmarsat - Atlantic Ocean East





 New Zealand






 Central African Republic











 Trinidad & Tobago













 Czech Republic







 United Arab Emirates




 United Kingdom









 El Salvador






For information about the availability and conditions click here.

infin-Payment Credit Card

infin-Payment Credit Card is available for any amount worldwide - no special registration with infin required, usable by all credit card holders.

infin-Payment Direct Debit

infin-Payment Direct Debit is available for any amount in Germany - no special registration with infin required, usable by all bank account owners.

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